Vol. VIII of the first Slovak festival of philosophy - Philosophy Day 2023 - will be held on November 16, 2023, traditionally in Prešov.

Awaiting you will be a whole day of rich philosophical and cultural program (lectures, seminars, workshops, accompanying performances) lead by Slovak and foreign experts and artists and centered around this year's main theme The world as a phenomenon.

This year's festival aims to poke into ideas on what the world is and how does it appear to us through presenting the many forms of philosophical study of human experience and human relations to the world as an object of appearance, perception, cognition, judgment, study, experience, sentience, construction etc.

More information soon!

In case of interest in performing at the festival (in the form of a lecture, text seminar, interactive workshop, artistic performance), please contact us at:


We will gladly provide you with all relevant information.

All speakers and performers will be provided accommodation in the old town of Prešov, whole-day refreshments, and total compensation of travel costs. All speakers and performers will receive honoraria.
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